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Women putting on cream and practicing tips for healthy skin.

5 Tips For Healthy Skin: Look Younger, Healthier And Happier

Without fail, the first thing we notice about people is their skin. We immediately pick up on redness, puffiness, oiliness, dryness. We see it all and we remember it. That is why, if you are wanting to leave a good first impression, concentrate on your skin. However, even saying that leaves the door wide open to interpretation. If you walk into the beauty product aisle at any pharmacy or makeup store, you’ll immediately wish you were somewhere else. There are just way too many options. How could anyone ever make an educated guess at which products they should be using? To tell you the truth, it’s not all about the products. What you need is our 5 tips for healthy skin.

Women putting on cream and practicing tips for healthy skin.

Yes, you should get a few basic products to rejuvenate your skin, and you can read more of our blog posts to get some ideas of great products you can use, but there are certain lifestyle changes that are cheap or even free, which dramatically enhance your skin. Here are just a few of them:

  1. Stop Smoking And Wear Sunscreen: It’s not just conjecture anymore. There’s proof. Hard and fast evidence that shows these two rules are game changers when it comes to skin preservation. An identical twin study showed that two individuals with the same DNA will have very different outcomes if one smokes and is exposed to more sun than the other. The twin that used cigarettes and tanned for hours, looked years older. Smoking causes premature wrinkling and chronic sun exposure causes uneven skin tone and rough, dull skin. The best advice is to avoid both sun exposure and smoking at all costs. And if you must be out in the sun, for the love of all that is good and right in the world, wear sunscreen!
  2. Ice It: Ice is used on injuries, so why not used it on injured skin? You should. Ice works as a great skin exfoliant to keep it looking young and vibrant. If you want to be really DIY, get your own ice tray and add some aloe vera to the water before you freeze it. Ice can also be used for breakouts because it reduces both inflammation and redness. The key is to not hold it in one place for too long because just like heat, ice can burn the skin.
  3. Diet And Exercise: It sure does get old hearing how good a healthy diet and exercise is for the skin. Unfortunately, it’s just true and there’s really no way around it. Our body is a single organism and what goes into the mouth will be reflected in the skin. It’s interesting to listen to people who recently changed their diet for weight loss purposes. They’ll often discuss how cutting out sugar and processed foods and adding protein, greens and healthy fats to their diet not only helped them shed pounds, it also improved their complexion. This is because greens oxygenate the body and protein helps the skin to regenerate and maintain hydration. Exercise also pulls its weight by flushing toxins from the body and alleviating stress, which often causes rosacea, eczema and acne.
  4. Sleep: Nobody gives skin the credit it deserves. It works hard, especially during the day. It regulates body temperature, it protects the body from pathogens, it fends off ultra violet radiation, and it assists with metabolism. And this is all just during the day. When you are asleep, skin adds a few more tasks to its repertoire, including some heavy-duty repair work like the production of elastin and collagen. These two little connective tissues are what keeps your skin looking elastic, toned and firm. So give your body and your skin a break with plenty of time to sleep and produce these beautifying natural agents.
  5. Washing Not Picking: Oh it’s just so tempting. It’s right there in the middle of your chin and it looks ready to burst. Why not just help it along? Well, there’s a very good reason for avoiding the temptation: scarring, not to mention the increased redness and higher likelihood of secondary infections due to the spread of bacteria. A good way to keep the temptation at bay is to avoid using magnified mirrors. A skin care expert is the only one who should be getting that up close and personal with your skin. Instead of picking, use a spot treatment or salicylic acid. Another good way to avoid picking is to not have anything to pick. You can accomplish this by making sure you wash your skin like you mean it. This means before you go to bed and when you wakeup. This means never going to sleep with your makeup on. It’s these little decisions that will change your skin from just okay to really magnificent.

Whether you are old or young, man or woman, we all have skin. And that skin illustrates to the world how we live our lives, treat our bodies and respect ourselves. No matter the situation–interviewing for a new job, meeting in-laws, starting your first day at a new school–you want to start the right way and give off the right impression. Clear and healthy skin will only help you accomplish this. Through little things like eating right, sleeping enough and wearing sunscreen, you can ensure that you will have youthful and happy skin for years to come. To get more information on skin care and other beauty and health tips, read more of our blog posts or contact us.



5 Tips For Healthy Skin: Look Younger, Healthier And Happier
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