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7 Effective Habits of Women with Perfect Skin

women practicing habits of women with perfect skin

We all know that one woman, you know the one, that woman with absolutely perfect skin. She looks as if she hasn’t had a blemish her entire life and seems immune to aging. She must live at the spa, right? Not necessarily. You will find that women with absolutely flawless skin don’t always have a whole cabinet of products dedicated to skin care or have a standing appointment for a daily facial. In fact, it is likely because they have daily habits to care for their skin that causes it to look flawless, soft, and featuring a healthy glow. This means that you, too, can have perfect skin if you incorporate these effective habits into your daily routine.

women practicing habits of women with perfect skin

Clean Your Face Daily

This is an obvious one. Your face needs to be cleaned twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. When you sleep, your body repairs itself, and this means shedding dead skin and oils on your face. When you wake up, it is important to not only clean your face of this debris, but you need clean out and close your pores before adding your make up. That same make up will also need to be removed before you go to sleep or it will only end up clogging your pores while you sleep.  Not only this, but your nightly face washing also helps remove environmental factors that the eye can’t see, but affect your skin, like air pollutants.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

It is a fact: Women who shield their skin from the sun look younger, have fewer wrinkles, and maintain even complexions. The ultra-violet rays from the sun work to damage the collagen in your skin, making it start to sag and eventually get that leathery feeling. However, keep your beach sunscreen for the beach, instead consider a light sunscreen specially formulated for everyday use on your face. You won’t get the same greasy feeling as typical sunscreens, but will still get the standard SPF 30 protection.

Be sure to use it every day, even if it is cloudy. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, around 80 percent of UV rays still pass through cloud cover.

Get Your Beauty Rest

If you slept for four hours slumped over your desk, you’re not going to look pretty. When we sleep, that is our body’s time to repair itself, and that includes your skin. We accumulate a number of toxins on our skin throughout the day, and at night enzymes go in and start to try to clean them out. During this period of sleep, growth hormones are also released as well that help bring oxygen up to the skin to rejuvenate it. If you don’t get at least seven hours, you are cutting this valuable time short.

Eat Well

You know what they say, “Beauty within, beauty without,” or the less elegant “You are what you eat”. No matter which saying you prefer, it doesn’t make it any less true. What you decide to snack on not only affects the way your waistline looks, but your skin as well. Greasy foods or those high in sugar create cortisol that in turn binds to collagen, the support structure of your skin. This binding process weakens the collagen, leading to premature aging.

Instead, try a diet rich in skin healthy foods like healthy fats, omega 3s, antioxidants, and Vitamins A, C, and E. In other words, a balanced diet!


This doesn’t just mean drinking the recommended amount of water, which is also key for healthy skin, but this habit also means moisturizing your skin. Maintaining water content in your skin is key, but moisturizing doesn’t replenish that content as well actually drinking water, but what it does do is dramatically slows water loss. While you can afford to skip a day or two of moisturizing when it is humid out, moisturizing your face every day is key in the dry, cold winter months.

If you want to kill two birds with one skin care product, look for a SPF product that also has moisturizer. That way you will never forget a day of moisturizing.

Try to Relax

It can be hard, but try to just chill sometimes, okay? Chronic tension and physical stress in your life causes you to not only be unhappy, but it causes cortisol levels to skyrocket. That, as we already know, damages the collagen that keeps your skin looking healthy and young. That process is why we get wrinkles. Whether it be taking a few minutes to yourself or soothing yourself in a long bath, just try to relax a little every day, even if you don’t have the time.

Avoid Fad Products

What is the one thing that women with healthy skin know? They know that an effective skin care routine is more important than trying every single product that comes out. Once you find a product that works for you, don’t try to aim for the stars. If it is healthy and effective for your skin, you don’t need anything better.

Essentially, skin shows how we live our lives. It is important to remember that when coveting someone else’s ridiculously wonderful looking skin. If you live a relaxed, healthy, and occasionally diligent life, you, too, can have beautiful and flawless skin. It is all about making the time and effort for it. Contact us today to learn how you can adjust your life and skin care regimen to embrace glowing, young skin.



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