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A wrapping of facial cleansing bars

7 Facial Cleansing Bars That Prove Bars Are Back To Stay

We have all graduated from that old bar of Neutrogena that we used to wash our faces before school, moving on to a world of liquid soaps packed full of good sounding things like antioxidants and exfoliates, but now, bar soaps have finally graduated too. While liquid facial cleansers are still getting bigger and better, more brands have rolled out their own bar soap products with an effective range of ingredients. With healthy, soothing ingredients like goat’s milk and avocado oil, products like these luxurious¬†seven facial-cleansing bar soaps prove they are back and here to stay.

A wrapping of facial cleansing bars

Soapwalla Cardamom Ginger Bar

Age may not be anything but a number, but that number shows on your skin. For those who are battling the downhill battle of aging skin, the Cardamom Ginger Bar is excellent for revitalizing your face. Featuring fresh ginger and green cardamom, you get that detoxifying, super fresh feeling on your skin within seconds of applying the lather. However, with the addition of plant oils and shea butter, this bar soap cleans your skin, but doesn’t give you the same dry feeling of other facial cleansers that offer the same tingly deep cleansing.

Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleaning Bar

For women that suffer from large pores or even frequently blocked pores, facial cleanser are essential to keeping clean, healthy skin. When it comes to cleaning out those pores, this is the bar cleanser for you. Made with mud imported from the Dead Sea combined with charcoal and 26 essential minerals for your skin, the Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleaning Bar penetrates deeply leaving behind clean pores and nourished skin. Essentially, this bar works like a magnet for impurities and dirt, but it also is excellent for cleaning away make up that is so often the cause of blemishes for those with large pores.

Drunk Elephant Pekee Bar

The Pekee Bar by Drink Elephant is a real gem with its clinical-meets-natural stance. The Pekee Bar is all about balancing the pH on your face with the bare minimum of ingredients. By leaving out all the non-essential ingredients that were so often found in your old school bar soaps, like fragrances, the Pekee Bar saves your skin from toxins and all the irritation that comes with it. However, while it cuts the non-essentials, the Pekee Bar still lets you enjoy soft, moisturized skin thanks to the addition of unrefined marula oil and rich honey.

Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Face and Body Soap

You’re an adult now, when are you finally going to stop getting acne? It is a torturous question that we all ask ourselves. While acne means that your skin still has some youth in it, it still makes it no less enjoyable. However, skip all those bottled facial cleansers that may or may not be helping you, Clinique has always been the go-to brand for a healthy, clear-looking face. Their new bar facial cleaner is specially formulated with encapsulated salicylic acid that not only helps treat your acne and exfoliate your pores, but it doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry and overly tightly like some other acne products.

Osmia Organics Rose Clay Facial Soap

Specially formulated by Dr. Sarah Villafranco who took her passion for healthy skin to Osmia, the rose clay facial soap takes organic skin care and brings it right into your home. By using her medical knowledge, Villafranco helped Osmia create this bar soap from a combination of pink and white clays, like those used in your monthly spa facial, to both heal and hydrate skin on a daily basis.

With other essential ingredients like coconut milk, mango butter, and avocado oil, you get your essential skin nutrients in an organic bar soap that is still able to produce that oft-desired creamy lather. All of this is wrapped up in a sweet-smelling geranium rose scent that won’t irritate your skin like other scented facial cleansers.

Korres Milk Soap

For those with sensitive skin, irritated, inflamed, and red skin can be an almost daily reality without the right skin care regimen. For skin that gets irritated easily by the sun, make up, or other products, you need a soothing mild soap like the creamy Korres Milk Soap. Like its name suggests, it used milk proteins in order to soothing the irritation of your skin while also helping it to heal faster, preventing long-term, visible damage.

As this bar soap is also formulated using almond oil, it leaves your skin feeling smooth as well as moisturized. So even if you don’t have sensitive skin, if you just want a smoother, more hydrated face, this is an excellent option.

Kahina Giving Beauty Goat Milk and Honey Argan Soap

For most facial cleansers, particularly the liquid ones, they get the job done well enough, but leave your skin with that tight and dry feeling. Yet with the handmade bar soap by Kahina, you will never again have to endure that while still not sacrificing cleansing power. Using goat’s milk and honey to soften your skin as well as argan, olive, and coconut oils to clean and moisturize, you will always come out with soft and beautiful skin that you won’t be able to stop touching.

You probably don’t need the same skin treatment as your younger self, but your skin still needs a lot of love to look youthful and beautiful for a lifetime. With daily face washing with these bar soaps, you are on a step in the right direction. For more skin care tips and recommendations for great facial cleansing bars, contact us today.



7 Facial Cleansing Bars That Prove Bars Are Back To Stay
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