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7 Hair Color Ideas for Your Fair Skin

7 hair color ideas

Skin works with hair when it comes to overall beauty. There is no question about that. However, sometimes you just see a shade of hair that makes you go I want that! That is, until you actually get it and find it looks kind of horrible on you. It is not the stylist’s fault, they gave you what you wanted, but the problem is that is just doesn’t work with your fair skin. While your skin tone doesn’t work with every hair color, the good news is that fair skin has a wide array of color options available that can really make your appearance pop, and not everyone can pull them off like you.

7 hair color ideas

Cool Blonde

You know what they say, the paler you are, the lighter you can go. If you have beautiful porcelain skin that has reddish undertones, cool blonde styles can really make you stand apart from the pack. The icy hues in a cold blonde dye tend to neutralize the red in your skin that will make your skin look like the envy of everyone that has ever wanted such a pristine complexion. If your style includes darker eye makeup as well, a cool blonde dye can really make brighter eyes even more vibrant.

Strawberry Red

This hair color is definitely not for everyone. If you have darker skin, having your hair paler than your skin looks just plain wrong. However, it works really well on fair to neutral skin tones. For those with subtle reds in your skin, this will make them pop a little more, causing hair and skin to really harmonize. With strawberry blonde hair, with darker shades of auburn woven in, it makes the red undertones on your skin look like you have a light blush that gives your face an overall glow. It is an excellent look, and your fair skin may be one of the few that is able to pull it off.


Brown is sort of that universal color that looks good on everyone. However, not all shades of brown look particularly great. If you have any type of skin tone and choose a medium brown, you will look fine, but you won’t get that same pop. For those with fair skin and want a dark sort of hair color, mahogany is an excellent option. You still get that rich dark brown color, but the slight red in the dye will not only make you look fantastic when the sunlight hits your hair, but it will keep all the color from getting washed out of your skin. This is also a good dye option for those with brown eyes and they want their hair color to help them really stand out, which can occasionally be really difficult.

Deep Red

On the opposite side of the spectrum from Strawberry Red, fair skin also works well with a deep red. While many with pale skin tend to want to go really dark brown or black, such a harsh dark hair color can make you look like a ghost in the worst possible way. While dark colors can work really well with pale skin, it tends to highlight any and all imperfections that you might have on your skin. Unlike black or dark brown, a dark red still provides that rich darkness that you want with the color to really highlight all the good features of your skin. This is also a great option for those who don’t have those striking bright eyes to really bring together a cool blonde look, but still want them accented by their fair skin and hair color.

Honey Blonde

When people consider a honey blonde dye, typically they think of beautiful tanned super models that really work it with darker skin tones. However, the honey blonde look really works with pale skin because no one wants their hair to be the same color as their skin. It is a particularly excellent option if you want to bring a little more warmth to your skin tone. The rich honey color, especially if you got with darker blonde roots are best when used to frame your faces with beautiful loose waves. It makes your skin look warmer, brighter, but still keeping a little of that porcelain look that is the envy of everyone around you.

Black or Deep Brown

Going black can be one of the most striking dyes you can do, but it is not universally recommended for those with fair skin. If you have freckles or other imperfections on your skin, a dark hair style shines a big spotlight on them. While red dyes work well with freckles, dark tones do not. However, if you have wonderful porcelain skin and want to use more bold eye and lip colors in your makeup, it can make a pale complexion absolutely powerful. It makes bright eyes pop, it makes those with dark eyes look lovely and mysterious. Black is a shade that is daring, but you really need to examine yourself to see if you can pull it off.


Ombre, that wonderful mix of dark browns, light browns, and blondes is actually a great option for a number of skin tones, but you really need to have faith in your dye skills or those of your hair stylist. Trying to create the ombre look can go wrong so quickly if you don’t have a skilled hand at it. However, if you pull it off and get those beautiful waves of hair like the most popular ombre wearer, Jessica Alba, you look like a rock star. It makes your skin look warm and it works with any eye color.

Worried that your fair skin might not hold up to any of these colors option? Contact us today to learn how you can accent your own particular beautiful skin with the right hair, makeup, and skincare routine.



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