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7 Ways To Reduce Scars & Improve Skin

Reduce scars improve skin

It’s never too early to work on reducing scars from injury, surgery or some other rapid change in your skin. It’s also not too late to try and make a difference in a scar that you may have had for quite some time.

reduce scars

When skin undergoes a change, whether it be expanding or tightening up or being severed or damaged in some way; if it happens slowly over time, the skin has time to prepare and adjust and there’s less chance for scarring. But when skin is suddenly punctured or cut or stretched too quickly, damage is done and the scar is left behind.

Perhaps you know you have an upcoming procedure for surgery or something else that’s potentially going to create a scar. For this you can prepare, but if you are unexpectedly injured, gain some unusual weight or suffer a nasty burn, there are still ways to remedy the condition of skin left behind.

Try one or several of these seven suggestions for treatment or reduction of a scar. Use the same ideas to prepare your skin when you know the potential for scarring exists. Having a serious skin regimen over the course of a lifetime is the best way to know you are prepared for the unknown.

Seven options for youthful, healthy skin ~

  • Naturally based lotions that include ingredients like aloe and lanolin keep skin flexible and moist, which are the very best conditions for complete healing and as little scarring as possible. Moisture increases the skin’s ability to both stretch and tighten. When skin is dry, the chances of effective transformation decrease considerably. Sun damage is incredibly harsh on skin and the results can be permanent. Any products that you use on your skin should either contain some type of sunscreen or should be used with sunscreen of at least 30 SPF. You don’t have to be lying out on the beach or facing the sun directly to suffer a burn or other sun damage. The sun is shining down on our skin all the time, whenever we are outdoors. Over time, without protection, this exposure will have an effect on the feel and appearance of the skin.
  • Doctors can prescribe steroid creams, which essentially spur the body into performing its normal healing functions, only faster and with more power than the usual. Follow doctor’s instructions as steroid cream can also jump start negative aspects of the skin’s appearance. While dermatologists are certainly the most knowledgeable, any primary care physician can get you started on a prescription topical medicine specific to your skin’s condition.
  • Vitamin E is an excellent stimulant for skin growth and healing. While many skin products include Vitamin E, a more concentrated application comes from cutting open Vitamin E capsules and applying to contents directly to skin. The greasy filling will spread and soak into skin like baby oil.
  • Exfoliating and removing layers of old skin can actually remove the scarred tissue and make way for new cells to surface. Using a quality cleanser with exfoliating agents or adding sugar to your favorite body wash to create a sugar scrub. Exfoliating is also achieved with loofahs, brushes and textured wash cloths. Any of these will open pores and stimulate the expelling of toxins.
  • What you eat can have a significant effect on the elasticity of your skin and overall skin health. Fruits and vegetables contain high levels of water and vitamins which are highly beneficial for the skin. The enzymes in yogurt have been known for improving skin appearance, as well as oatmeal and other rich grains. Even when articles or advice don’t mention scarring specifically, anything that enhances skin health and longevity will naturally contribute to healing as well.
  • Drinking enough water may be the most important long-term habit to help skin heal and lessen the appearance of scarring and other flaws in the skin. Drinking the required eight glasses of water is often harder than it seems, but creating a habit will lead to countless life long benefits. This could mean having two glasses of water before every meal, incorporating a new water bottle into your essentials or deciding to empty a pitcher each day.
  • Massaging your skin with olive oil is a great way to insure fast and effective healing. Olive oil is known for its endless benefits to the skin and body in general. But the massage factor is just as important as the moisturizer. Massage stimulates the cells and increases blood flow and oxygen throughout the skin. Regardless of what you use, any type of massage is great for the skin. There are different types of olive oil which vary in strength and purpose. Always pay attention to the different feeling or reaction when trying something on your facial skin, in comparison to the rest of your body. Facial skin is not the same and sometimes requires products that are specifically made for the face.

Even if you have no scars and your skin is young and supple, following a few of these habits will keep it that way and prepare for the unavoidable passage of time. So many accidents or injuries are impossible to predict and keeping your skin ready will make recovery all the more swift and successful.

Contact us for the best path to reducing scars and keeping skin healthy and prepared for potentially scarring experiences in the future. All issues relating to skin care are addressed on our site..



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