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Aging Skin: How To Reverse The Affects

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Five days to younger skin. It sounds unrealistic at best, and like an outright lie at worst. This is probably because we’ve all heard these promises before. There are endless late night commercials, making claims that you’ll look half your age. There are kiosks in the mall with aggressive salespeople who swear that their product will not only make you look younger, but will also make you feel younger. Most of us have been oversold these miracle anti-aging products for so long that the lofty claims go in one ear and out the other. However, there seems finally be a product that not only consumers are getting behind, but dermatologists, beauticians and scientists too. Radien Skin Care is a line of products that makes no promise to reverse aging, but it does guarantee to reverse the frustrating effects of it.

The Science

The list of products with scientific claims is endless. But, for some reason, those scientific studies never see the light of day. The assuring aspect of Radien is that these claims are verified through published, double-blind scientific studies. And given the challenge there is to scientifically document the effectiveness of topical agents, this is an impressive feat.

The study was conducted by Dr. Zoe Draelos M.D., both a researcher and a clinical dermatologist. The study covered six weeks of usage and the researchers were able to identify statistically significant improvements. This significance was so easily detected because they made it a split-faced study. Remarkably, the Radien topical agent that didn’t include the protease regulator was also effective, although not as noticeably.

How It Works

Another vague and opaque feature of many anti-aging and skin care products is the lack of information about what the product contains. All products are obviously required to list the active ingredients, however, they rarely explain what those ingredients do and why they are used.Radien, on the other hand, goes to great lengths to help users understand what their products contain and why those ingredients were included.

Radien‘s sister company, Biocellerex, has been working towards the effective treatment of chronic wounds since 1996. Matrixmetalloproteases are responsible for breaking down elastin, laminin and collagen, impeding or stopping the healing process. The technologyBiocellerex relies upon, known as QXP, down-regulates the production of several MMPs. QXP, at its core, is simply oak bark extract, and has a very high probability of allowing otherwise non-responding wounds to close.

Radien has been able to utilize this same combination of Red Oak tree bark and a mix of customized peptides to increase the production ofcollagen, elastin and laminin in the skin, causing the reversal of some of the aging skin affects. Radien‘s products also include glycerin and soy extract, which mimics natural estrogen to create noticeable softness and suppleness–without the side effects of real estrogen.

What It Does

Radien products’ combination of QXP and protein-filled peptides, in their ability to hinder MMP production and increase elastin and collagen production, hydrate and elasticize the skin. This, in turn, plumps the skin and reduces the length and depth of lines and wrinkles. To get the full effect and benefits from Radien‘s men’s and women’s skin care products, it takes two to three months. However, there is a visible difference after just five days.

The Products

There has been a lack of products on the market to address men’s concerns for aging skin. Radien wanted to fill that gap with their QXP Anti-Aging Treatment for Men. The product does contain general ingredients to help with aging, such as walnut seed extract, collagen, glycolicacid and alpha hydroxy. It also specifically addresses the common problem that men face, such as dry skin.

To address women’s skin care needs, Radien has released an eye cream, day cream and night cream. The eye cream works to reduce darkness, discoloration and puffiness around the eyes. The day cream is to be used as a make-up base, which includes sunscreen and tightens and smooths the skin. The night cream reduces apoptosis and inflammation, as well as creating a shield against oxidative stress and protecting the antioxidant pool in the cells.

Other Radien products include the patent pending DeJaVu, which strengthens the muscles around the eyes, evens skin texture and reduces wrinkles and lines; Skin Repair Cream, which regenerates tissue and addresses irritation, burns, stings and peeling; Cleanser, which cleans the skin and allows for the creams to better penetrate the skin; Toner, which hydrates the skin, tightens and cleans pores, and firms the skin.

The Reaction

In summary, I think this was a well performing product…This study design would highlight the combined benefit of the many individual ingredients contained in the active [product].

As a clinical dermatologist, I am constantly looking for new avenues of treatment, especially in the cosmetic realm. True innovative technology only comes around rarely…Patient acceptance has been outstanding with most patients extremely pleased with themoisturizing component, texture, lack of irritation, and the perceptible smoothness that their skin has achieved.

Dr. Zoe Draelos, M.D., principal investigator in the blind, controlled study of Radien cream. As proof of the veracity of these claims, Draelosalso noted that every participant requested additional cream at the completion of the study due to the fact that the moisturizing quality was unparalleled.

Radienlx clinical data is extensive…Topical agents are notorious for their difficulty to scientifically document the effectiveness with controlled studies. That is the reason one so rarely sees double-blind, split-faced studies.

Dr. Michael Maris M.D., University of Texas Southwestern Medical School Clinical Associate Professor and Private Dermatology Practitioner.

To find out more about our products and start your 90-day trial for Radien Skin Care products, contact us.



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