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Best Moisturizing Products for Oily Skin

Best moisturizing products for oily skin

When you have oily skin, it is a daily struggle. Keeping your face matte while also keeping it hydrated can prove to be a challenge. So if you are struggling with this issue, here are some of the best available products for oily skin.

Difference Between Hydrated and Oily

First of all, it’s important to understand that having oily skin doesn’t mean that your skin is hydrated. Your skin may produce too much oil for a variety of reasons, including genetics.

Your skin oil glands are controlled by an increase in androgen levels, which are male hormones that are present in both males and females. These hormones signal the oil glands to mature; however, for some people’s glands end up producing too much oil. This happens when we are younger and many of us will eventually grow out of it as the glands normalize. But for others, they stay in overproduction.

Excessive oil, called sebum, not only can give your face a shiny appearance, but can also lead to more acne than those who don’t have to experience oily skin. On the positive side, experts believe that individuals with oily skin tend to have fewer wrinkles.

Hydration is important to your skin in order to keep it looking good and healthy. Although it may seem counterintuitive to moisturize when you have oily skin, you need to provide extra moisture in order to balance your skin and keep it as healthy as it can be. Proper hydration means that your skin not only has enough oil, but also enough water. That, in turn, is a critical component to the human body, partially because of it’s importance to the body’s biggest organ-skin.

It may seem strange but even oily skin can be dehydrated. A moisturizer can actually help to reduce the amount of oil produced by your skin, because if your skin it too dehydrated it can produce even more oil in attempt to balance out the hydration.

Additionally, if you have oily skin, you may come to find that a great deal of things don’t work for you. For example, if your skin is too oily, makeup can be a very difficult thing to apply. This is because it won’t adhere well to your skin, or your excess oil will come through the makeup and cause it to break-up and look patchy. So often times, in an effort to reduce the oil production of your skin, you can actually cause your skin to get too dry, and that makes hydration even more important.

Ingredients To Look For

When it comes time to find the right moisturizer, you want to be sure to look for ingredients that will be kind to your oily skin and provide you with much need moisture and hydration rather than even more oil.

Oil Free

Of course this seems obvious, but it is still important to look for. You want to be sure to use moisturizers that are oil-free, because you don’t need anymore oil added to your already oily skin. So when looking for moisturizers, be sure to find those that are water based instead of oil based.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is a great product for oily skin. This is because it helps retain water, which is critical for proper hydration, while also remaining lightweight. Additionally, this acid is found naturally in the skin, so you can rest assured knowing that this will benefit instead of harming your skin.


This is another important product to look for in your moisturizer. You want to look for this ingredient instead of products like petrolatum, which can clog your pores and not make the moisturizer function properly.

Ingredients To Avoid

You obviously want to avoid any moisturizers that have oil in them. Additionally, anything with petroleum jelly will not help to provide your oily skin with extra moisture but in fact work in clogging your pores which will not help your skin. You should also avoid anything with cocoa butter, paraffin, and (of course) oils.

Finding The Right Products

Now that you know what ingredients you should look for and others that you should avoid, it’s time to find the right products. A great rule to go by when you have oily skin is to look for moisturizers that are light and have the word gel in them. You should stay away from heavymoisturizers and creams, because they can make your skin worse instead of better.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

This product will give your skin the moisture that it needs without weighing it down. You’ll find that your skin will feel healthy and hydrated without feeling greasy.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

This product contains hyaluronic acid, which means it will give your skin the moisture that it needs without adding excess oil. Additionally, the lightweight formula will make your skin feel soft, smooth, and supple.

Estee Lauder Clear Difference

This moisturizer is perfect for oily skin. It’s designed to control oil and eliminate excess shine. Ideal for those who suffer from excessive oily skin.

When you have oily skin, you may find it difficult to find the right products for your needs. But it is vital to remember when you are cleansing, toning, and even applying makeup, that without proper hydration, your skin won’t reach its full potential.

By avoiding products that can exacerbate your skin’s excess oil production, you can actually help to give your skin a beautiful radiance rather than an oily shine and the moisture that it needs to be healthy. To learn more about taking care of your skin, please contact us.



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