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Learning the 7 Best Ways to Reduce Stretch Marks

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Having stretch marks is simply a part of life. For some people, getting stretch marks is a badge of honor; for others, they are a reminder of a painful time they want to forget. Especially for women stretch marks, can lead to feeling self-consciousness or unattractiveness. With these 7 ways to reduce stretch marks, you can feel like yourself again.

What causes stretch marks?

Before you learn how to reduce the appearance of your stretch marks, it’s important to understand why (or rather how) you got them in the first place. First of all, not all stretch marks are created the same; how they develop depends a great deal on genetics. Women are more prone to stretch marks, but anyone can get them.

Teenagers who grow rapidly may find that they have stretch marks, because they’ve grown too fast for their skin to cope. Individuals who have gained weight or lost weight may notice stretch marks that they didn’t have before. Many women who’ve been pregnant may have obtained stretch marks in the latter half of their pregnancy. Finally a potential cause of stretch marks is an increase in the hormone cortisone, which reduces the elasticity of your skin and leaves you vulnerable to stretch marks.

Stretch marks can appear in a variety of colors that can range from purple to bright pink, and even light grey. You may never notice getting a stretch mark, or you may experience itching or burning due to the stretching of the skin. But in most cases, the process is simply a part of life.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to live with them. Here are some are ways to help reduce your stretch marks and feel better about yourself.

1. Retinoid Cream

This lotion is derived from Vitamin A, and works by helping your body to rebuild collagen. As a result, you can help your stretch marks to appear more like normal skin. You may also find this product under different names, like Tretinoin. Additionally, this cream works as an acid to help break down the damaged cells in order for new, healthier cells to be created.

2. Vitamin C

Creams with Vitamin C can help to reduce the look of early stretch marks. So if you find yourself getting a mark or a group of them, creams with this ingredient can help to reduce them before they worsen. They work by helping to keep your skin soft, which allows it to adjust to the changes in your body while also helping to minimize their appearance.

3. Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is another key ingredient to look for when it comes to reducing your stretch marks. It helps to keep your skin hydrated easing the appearance of stretch marks in the process. The hydration will also allow your skin to stretch more easily, leading to a reduced potential of any marks going forward.

4. Cocoa Butter

Many people know about cocoa butter and its benefits, especially for pregnant women. It not only helps to reduce the redness and appearance of your stretch marks, but can also help to prevent them in the first place. When you are pregnant, your skin will have to stretch in order to accommodate your growing baby. When you use cocoa butter on a regular basis, you are helping to increase your skin’s elasticity, making it easier for your skin to cope with the baby. But this ingredient not only works for pregnant women; in fact, it’s ideal for anyone who wants to help reduce the signs of their skin’s change.

5. Oils

Oils, such as argan and almond oil, are also useful in accomplishing the same goal. As many of the other options above, they help to give your skin much-needed moisture. In addition, they actually have anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce the appearance of your stretch marks. Phytosterols are steroid compounds found in argan oil, and work to regenerate and heal your skin. Of course, oils will not only help your skin feel better, but also increase its soft and supple nature.

6. Light And Laser Therapies

Depending on the severity of your stretch marks, over-the-counter lotions and creams may simply not be enough to treat them effectively. Laser and light therapies work on a deeper level of your skin, rather than the superficial surface. These therapies help repair the collagen and fiber structure of your skin, the damage to which manifests itself in stretch marks.

This type of therapy intends to damage the skin cells that comprise the stretch mark. By doing so, it prompts the skin to rebuild new and improved cells, which can allow the marks to fade away.

7. Water

It may seem too simple, but often times, the most simple answers are the best. As established above, a core problem with stretch marks is a lack of elasticity in your skin. That lack of elasticity is caused by a lack of hydration, which water can solve.

By drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water per day, you will not only keep your body healthier, but you will also promote the elasticity of your skin. In other words, simply drinking water can help to control your stretch marks, while simultaneously preventing new ones from forming.

Stretch marks, for many people, are a simple part of life. But that doesn’t mean you have to deal with them forever. You have a number of options that help reduce their appearance, and prevent new ones from forming. You may need to try a variety of methods to find which products work the best for you and your skin, but now is the time to try any or all of these ways to help reduce your stretch marks. To learn more, please contact us.



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