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Learning How To Create A Perfect Autumn Look

create a perfect autumn look

When you think about how to create a perfect autumn look, the first step should be aimed at getting that perfect skin. Autumn is all about warm colors, so you’ll look perfect whether you decide to go with a bold eye look or a bold lip.

create a perfect autumn look

Ensuring Healthy Skin

Good-looking skin is an absolute must for any look, but becomes especially important during autumn. As the weather changes, you may begin to notice your skin drying out because of colder temperatures. As a result, you might need to adjust your skin care routine in order to combat the dryness.

If you are having problems with skin simply looks dry, you want to consider using a light infusing primer to add a touch of moisture and glow to your skin. A great primer that isn’t too expensive, for example, is L’Oreal’s Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer.

This year, most trends point toward a highlighted look on the cheeks and cupid bows, even though you can still go for matte skin. But regardless of whether you are going for a dewy or matte finish, you want to be sure that your skin is properly hydrated and not dry or flakey–will ruin any look.

All About The Face

This is a great time to work with really neutral blushes or those that offer a more peachy undertone. When you are going for a beautiful autumn inspired look. Fall is when you can really amp up your use of warm tones and so if you want to go with a bold eye or a bold lip, the last thing you want is to have a really pink cheek.

By going with a shade that is more peach it will give you that color that you need from blush- without competing with the rest of your look. And of course you can still highlight and contour. At this point highlighting and contouring are all about helping to enhance your face shape- so no matter what the season is you can do this. Although, in summer most people like to stay away from a lot of makeup because of heat and humidity. But in the fall you can really wear as much makeup as you’d like.

Highlighting on the cheekbone, nose, and cupids bow is always a good way to not only bring a dewiness to your face but give you that beautiful glow.

All About The Eyes

A perfect autumn look is a beautiful smokey eye, created using warm tones. So of course, you’ll want to start in the crease, and as always when you are working with a smokey eye finish, you need to be sure to blend well. The better you blend your eye shadows, the better the finish will look. The last thing you want is to have choppy eye shadow.

First, use a few transition shades in the crease. These shades provide the base for your look. Using light browns to dark tans first is a great way to build up color. Then, once you’ve put in your transition shade, it’s time to build up your darker color. Using cranberry or darker browns shades is ideal in this step. Finally, to keep your look from looking too dark, use a lighter shade on the lid.

A product that has some reflective properties is especially great, adding some light to your smokey eye. And of course, once you’ve smoked out your eye, be sure to also add some color to your lower lash line. You can use some of the shades you used on your eyelid, or you can use a different color- like perhaps a beautiful mossy green to add a pop of color.

Add some liner, winged or not depending on your choice. You can also choose to add false lashes if desired, and your eyes are ready to go. Don’t forget to add a little inner corner highlight shade to bring some light to your eyes.

Some great eyeshadow palettes to consider for this look:

All About The Lips

If you are not a fan of smokey eyes, then you should consider a beautiful fall lip color. Although you can really wear whichever lipstick you like at any time of the year, autumn is the perfect opportunity to go with a seasonal alternative.

Beautiful burgundies, chocolates, or reds are especially perfect for this time of year. And of course, you can always pair smokey eyes with a dark lip shade to truly embrace the season.

If you decide to focus your look on the lips, a number of beautiful shades exist on the market. Here are some for you to consider:

When you are trying to create the perfect autumn look, you should embrace a beautiful bold lip and warm-toned smokey eyes. Autumn is a cozy time of year; the leaves change color, the weather gets colder, and it’s time to bring out your sweaters. Why not make sure your look conveys the same feeling?

There is something simply stunning about a cranberry smokey eye along with a dark bold lip. But of course if this isn’t your taste, you can go with either a more neutral eye to pair with the bold lip color or, in reverse, a smokey eye look with a more neutral lip.

So get ready to look your best with this beautiful autumn-inspired makeup look. To learn more about taking care of your skin and other great tips and tricks, please contact us.



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