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Women reversing multiple signs of aging

Reverse Multiple Signs of Aging: A How-To Guide

They creep up on you and take you by surprise when you least expect them. No, we’re not talking about monsters under your bed or income taxes. We’re talking about the signs of aging. Sun spots, wrinkles, stretch marks. All those little things we used to hear our mothers complain about have finally become a reality on our own bodies. The frustrating part is that we were warned. We were told to be careful, to cherish our youthful bodies when we still had them. Yet, we forgot to listen. Or at least we forgot to put sunscreen on and take our vitamins. So it’s too late, right? Wrong. There are many things you can do to slowly reverse the signs of aging. Here are just a few of them:

Women reversing multiple signs of aging

  • Sagging skin and wrinkles: It’s going to happen to you whether you want to believe it or not. However, if you accept its inevitability, you can postpone and minimize the effects. This is especially true for those who suffer from early onset aging, as early as their 20s. The real problems that these individuals face are a lack of oxygen, an overloaded liver and a congested digestive tract. These issues will cause wrinkles and nasio-labial lines to occur far too early. The best way to prevent and reverse is by cleansing the body with what are sometimes referred to as beauty foods. Cleanse the liver by drinking lemon and hot water every morning. Cleanse the colon by having a pear every day. Cleanse the blood by increasing your cabbage intake.
  • Aged skin: It’s not too late to quit that nasty habit: Smoking. We all know it’s bad for you, yet many smokers use the excuse that they’ve been smoking for 20 years so what good will it do to quit now. Surprisingly enough, it will do a ton of good. A recent study from Italy measured the biological age of smokers skin before they quit smoking and nine months after they quite smoking. At the beginning of the study, the average participant’s skin was nine years older than their actual age. At the end of the study, the average participant’s skin was four years younger than their actual age. That’s a reduction of 13 years in just nine months! Some other helping interventions for aging skin include pine bark extract and aloe vera gel. Both have been shown to reduce facial wrinkles and increase facial elasticity.
  • Enlarged pores: As youngsters we spend hours out in the sun, maybe just playing or maybe with the goal of having the most golden skin in school. Whatever the reason was, it was way too much UV radiation exposure without enough protection. And the result? An orange peel-like texture on our face’s skin. The skin is uneven looking and rough with expanded and weakened pores. It’s not pretty. The perfect antidote is a BHA exfoliant. This exfoliant contains salicylic acid, which hydrates, exfoliates, renews radiance, smooths and calms red areas. Your pores will be visibly smaller and tighter after adding this to your skin care regimen.
  • Droopy and aging eye area: The eye area is a good indication of your overall health. If this part of your body starts to age, it’s a sign that you need to do something and do it quickly. Droopy eyelids, in particular, can be a sign for deeper problems like thyroid dysfunction, fluid retention, oxidative stress, fatigue  and allergies. The most likely is oxidative stress, or the retention of free radicals in the body. These free radicals cause serious cell damage. The best thing you can do to combat it, and prevent further damage, is changing your diet. No more processed foods. Move to a diet high in antioxidants–think blueberries and carrots. You might also want to consider moving if you live in an area with bad water and air pollution.
  • Stretch marks: This is one of the earlier signs of aging. It can mar nearly any part of the body where weight is gained and lost. Many people just accept it as part of life and they move on. But there is no reason for this. You can reverse stretch marks and make them nearly invisible. Different treatments work differently so you may have to try a few or a combination. One method is using creams, vitamins and oils. Aloe vera, coconut oil, cocoa butter, olive oil, mink oil, avocado oil, vitamin E oil and lavender oil all have various benefits known to reduce scarring, regenerate skin and reverse damage. Massage your skin once or twice a day for 10 to 20 minutes with one or a combination of these oils. This improves blood circulation and will improve the absorption of the oil’s healing powers. Another little known method is simply toning the muscles through exercise and changing your diet. Healthy foods promote tissue regeneration and healing. The best foods for this are ones high in vitamin A, C and E. Exfoliating the skin is also a great tool, and while it won’t work on its own, it will help to speed up the regenerative process when paired with another method.

There is no reason to accept aging. There are plenty of methods to reverse the signs, and whether you prefer to use natural options or chemical alternatives, you will find something to reduce whatever you may be self-conscious about. You will continue to be surprised at the various ways you can remain youthful in appearance. Just keep your eyes and mind open, and contact us if you would like to learn more.



Reverse Multiple Signs of Aging: A How-To Guide
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