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The Secret-Weapon Ingredients For Making Your Skin Glow Naturally

Beautiful young woman that lets her skin glow naturally.

Over the last few decades, the cosmetics industry has managed to develop the secret-weapon ingredients for making your skin glow. Surprisingly, many of these ingredients are all natural and safer to use than many harsh chemical skin care products.

Beautiful young woman that lets her skin glow naturally.

Argan Oil

Argan oil comes from Morocco and is an exquisite beauty elixir that provides the complexion with amazing regenerative properties. Many women swear by this oil, claiming that it turns back the hands of time and gives their skin a fresh, gorgeous glow.

It can take as many as 50 years for the Moroccan Argan tree to produce the fruit with which argan oil is manufactured. Pressed from the nuts of the tree, the oil has a unique molecular composition and contains ample amounts of protein and restorative cells that work to provide the skin with youthful elasticity as it balances the skin’s natural moisture. The oil also improves nutrient and oxygen levels deep within the skin cells for more effective regeneration.

Apricot Kernel Oil

During ancient times, apricot kernel oil was used to treat rashes and other inflammatory skin disorders. Today, it is used in cosmetic products to provide firming and toning qualities, along with moisture balancing properties.  It treats the skin with concentrated doses of Vitamins A, C, E, and healthful fatty acids that slow the signs of aging naturally.  Most apricot kernel oil is manufactured in Spain.

Jojoba Seed Oil

Jojoba seed oil from Argentina is actually an all natural liquid wax that almost matches the skin’s natural oils perfectly, making it a wonderful skin supplement. Jojoba oil is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin and performs as a lightweight moisturizer. It allows the pores of the skin to breathe as it dissolves excess oils that can clog them. Jojoba oil replenishes skin cells with Vitamin E as it provides anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities.  The majority of Jojoba oil is manufactured in Argentina.

Sunflower Seed Oil

Manufactured in the United States, Sunflower seed oil is a fabulous revitalizing, moisturizing skin oil that balances the body’s cells in a way that causes it to retain more water. The oil plumps up the skin’s surface to alleviate dry skin symptoms. Sunflower seed oil is also high in Vitamins A, E and C, which fight free radicals and premature aging.  When the skin is moisturized, soothed and replenished with these vitamins, blemishes and wrinkles simply vanish over time.

Camellia Oil

Once only found in Asia, the Camellia flower now grows in the United States.  It is harvested as a cosmetic ingredient noted for its protective skin properties. The oil from the Camellia flower is full of powerfully nourishing properties that include four key vitamins, oleic acid and the fatty omega acids that balance the moisture content of the skin. Camelia oil offers natural healing solutions for youthful beauty and for healing over exposure to the sun.

Sweet Almond Oil

Another oil that hails from the United States, Sweet Almond oil provides a powerful solution to heal damage caused by the harmful UV rays of the sun. It is high in Vitamin E, which fights wrinkles, and also contains high concentrations of Vitamins B, A and K.  Sweet Almond oil protects the skin from free radicals and produces an antioxidant effect that combats environmental stresses.

Evening Primrose Oil

The Chinese have used Evening Primrose oil for centuries to combat the visible signs of aging. It contains as much as 15% of gamma-linolenic acid, more popularly known as omega-6 fatty acid. The oil also contains a high percentage of linolenic acid, which the body naturally converts to omega-6 fatty acid. Evening Primrose oil has many healing properties that boost auto immunity, improve blood circulation in the complexion and that balance out the skin’s moisture content.  This is a great oil to use on puffy or dry skin.

Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil comes, primarily, from Chile. Organic rosehip oil helps the skin combat such environmental stressors as dry air and wind, to result in revitalized skin. It contains both omega-6 and omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin C. Rosehip oil is one of the best things to use to improve the elasticity of the skin and repair fine lines and wrinkles. The oil penetrates deep into the inner skin layers to offer instantaneous hydration that nourishes even the thirstiest skin, leading to balanced natural oil levels and an improved complexion.

Arnica Infused Oil

The Arnica used in Arnica infused oil comes from the Arnica Montana flower that grows in Northern France.  This is the oil to use for any types of skin blemishes or discolored spots. Arnica oil contains lactone compounds that trigger an immune response to rush natural healing powers to the affected site.

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil

Sea bucktorn seed oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the fruit bearing the same name.  This is an anti-aging oil that contains a rare form of Vitamin E that improves and evens skin texture while helping to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Sea buckthorn oil is bursting with all kinds of skin-valuable nutrients, such as beta-carotene, phytosterol, Vitamin C, carotenoid and omega-7 essential fatty acid. The skin receives sea buckthorn oil readily, allowing it to sink to the innermost layers where it is moisturized and rebalanced.  Sea buckthorn oil also protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun and replaces old looking skin with a youthful glow.

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