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Seven Hair Color Ideas for Fair Skin

Hair color ideas

Choosing a hair color consists of more than simply finding a shade that you like and scheduling an appointment at the salon. You want to make sure your new hair color will match your skin tone, that it will compliment you and not create a washed out look. For those with fair skin, this is a major concern. You don’t want to your hair to make you appear too pale. You need a color that will compliment your fair skin, giving you a delicately beautiful appearance that will surely turn heads. Below are 7 hair color ideas for fair skin to help you decide which color is right for you.

Hair color ideas

Ash Blonde

All you porcelain-skinned beauties out there should seriously consider ash blonde if you want a light hair color, especially those with red undertones. Not only is this a very beautiful blonde that works well with most outfits, it also helps neutralize unwanted redness. It works tremendously well with blue and gray eyes, making your gorgeous sea eyes more enchanting than ever.

Honey Blonde

Those of you with fair skin and cool undertones, or even an olive complexion, should consider a honey blonde if you want a lighter color. Ash blonde can sometimes wash out someone with an olive complexion, but honey blonde creates a warmer look that will balance well with your skin. You can still have that gorgeous sun-kissed hair, just stay away from the palest of blondes. Your fair skin will glow beneath a color like honey blonde, giving you the perfect Hollywood starlet look that others will envy.

Dark Auburn

If you’re looking for a bold look, one that will make you stand out and make your features really pop, then look no further than the beautiful dark auburn. It’s fiery and bold without being too over the top. You maintain a sense of natural color, while still pushing the boundaries with a dramatic red. This color looks stunning on those with fair skin, especially those with red undertones. While it may sound strange that red hair looks great on those with red undertones, it’s true. It blends with the red in your skin instead of fighting it, creating a beautiful natural glow that makes your skin look more vibrant than ever. This color also works well with a peach colored fair skin. So, if you’re looking for a big change and a dramatic new look, then consider a reddish-auburn for your big hair color change.

Copper or Amber Red

If you like the idea of red hair, but you don’t want to go too dark or too bold with your new style, then consider a copper or amber red. These lighter reds achieve all the beauty of red without being quite so dramatic. A fairer red will match well with almost any outfit and give you a softer look than a more dramatic auburn or burgundy red will. It looks great against fair skin and will make light eyes and pink lips really pop. When your hair is the right color for your skin tone and features it can be one of your biggest accessories and beauty tools.

Rose Gold

A huge trending color this year is the beautiful and luminous rose gold. It’s a delicate mix of red and blonde, leaning more towards the blonde. It really does seem to shimmer in the light, giving you a luminous quality that many hair colors will never compare to. It gives your hair a tinge of the pastel or fairy-tale hair that is also popular now, but without making such a bold statement. It’s very soft, delicate, and natural while still maintaining an exoticness that doesn’t accompany ordinary natural colors. So, if you want to turn heads with an exotic and above average hair color without dying your tresses anything too out of the ordinary, then consider this trending color the next time you visit the salon.


Brown is universally flattering. It’s a color that is hard to mess up, and that goes for you girls with fair skin. To avoid a dull, everyday brown that doesn’t really stand out choose a color like mocha brown. It’s a dark brown with a subtle gold that reflects the light and keeps the color from becoming drab or overpowering your fair skin. Its golden tones mixed with dark brown makes it great for almost any fair skin tone and eye color. Many Hollywood stars opt for this beautifully vibrant brown because it’s safe without being boring. So, if you long for a color that’s darker, very natural, yet still absolutely stunning, this color was made for you.


This rainbow-colored hair trend has been sweeping the nation, and it doesn’t look like it is slowing down anytime soon. If you’re the type who loves to be the center of attention, who loves strangers turning their heads to look at you as you walk by, then this trend is perfect for you. The great thing about pastel colors is that you can pretty much let your imagination run free. Pink, ice blue, purple, and fuschia all look good on pale skin. If you want to make a statement and have some fun, then don’t shy away from this extremely fun hair color trend. Just remember, pastel colors fade fast, so make sure you use the proper hair care products and try to wash your hair as little as possible.

Finding the right hair color can be a challenge, but with this guide, you’re off to a good start. Just remember, you want a color that compliments your skin, your eyes, and your style. Have fun, and wear your new color with confidence. For more fun and helpful hair and skin care tips, contact us.



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