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The Total Anti-Aging Miracle for Your Skin

anti-aging miracle

Many of the greatest scientific breakthroughs come from trying to solve other products.

But it just makes sense that if you go looking for ways to heal chronic wounds, as Greg Pilant did back in 1996, you might discover ways to improve skin beauty. After all, if a substance heals intractable wounds that haven’t responded to clinical care in 90 days, it’s powerful.

Pilant and his team discovered the reason such chronic wounds don’t heal is excess matrix metalloproteases (MMPs). That’s a group of enzymes, also know as protease, that break down protein. That includes your skin’s collagen, elastin and laminin. The wound healing process needs protein, just as your skin needs collagen, elastic and laminin. The breakdown of collagen is a key factor in skin aging because collagen is what gives your skin its youthful tightness and firmness. Collagen breaking down makes your skin sag, so it looks wrinkled and old.

About the Founder and CEO of Radién

Pilant spent over $100 million for research and development of ways to counteract MMPs, and owns the only patented formula for fighting the cause of skin aging. He is the skin care genius you’ve never heard of.

As an eminent medical researcher, Pilant loves knowing his discoveries now help chronic wound victims around the world heal. However, he’s also concerned about the smaller, less dramatic, but still important chronic wounds that everybody’s skin suffers just from living and aging.

That includes sunburns, cuts, scratches, insect and spider bites, abrasions, damage done by air pollution, cigarette smoke, exposure to ultraviolet radiation in direct sunlight, smoking, smoking, rashes and scars. The formula also applies to lines, wrinkles, crow’s-feet, age spot, sagging, dark circles and stretch marks. They all indicate a breakdown of collagen.

So, What Stops These MMPs and Restores Collagen? QXP™?

Only this patented formula rebuilds the collagen in your skin. This applies to all types of skin. Everybody’s skin needs collagen, and everybody’s skin looks older and more wrinkled when collagen weakens. After age 20, people lose 1% of their collagen every year.

The formula is QXP™, and it’s derived from extract of red oak bark. QXP™ reduces the amount of MMPs. In chronic wounds, this allows the body to heal the wound. In aging skin, it heals damaged skin and restores lost and weakened collagen. All Radién products contain QXP™.

Bioactive Peptides Tell Your Skin to Make More Collagen

Peptides are short sequences of amino acids, protein. Adding them to Radién products supplements the main ingredient, QXP™. Both work together to rebuild your skin’s collagen until it’s again as thick and firm as it was when you were 20 years old.

Your Skin’s Structure

You have three layers:

* Epidermis, the outer layer

* Dermis

* Collagen, the inner layer of fat

Actually, collagen is a protein. It’s comprises 30% of the total protein in your body. Elastin is another type of protein in the connective tissues. It’s actually elastic. That’s why your skin is so taut and firm in your youth, and if you stretch it, it snaps right back. That’s because of the large amounts of elastic providing supporting it. Collagen is like the frame of a trampoline and elastic the canvas. Both need to remain strong.

How to Use Radién Products

Radién makes three products specifically for women. All contain large amounts of QXP™ which works hard around the clock to rejuvenate your skin.

Start your morning off with the RadiénIx Day Cream. This is light enough to wear underneath your makeup, yet it’s strong enough to protect your skin from environmental stresses. The sesame seed protein inside it firms and smooths your skin to form a base for your makeup.Moisturizers plump and hydrate your skin.

RadiénIx Night Cream goes on at night after showering. QXP™ and peptides remain the most powerful active ingredients. This formula supplements them with walnut extract, polyphenols, mineral salts and vitamins. This helps repair your collagen, and reduces inflammation. It also preserves your skin’s antioxidants.

They formulated RadiénIx™ Eye Cream for Women particularly for the sensitive eye areas where skin tissue is particularly thin and sensitive. It includes specially formulated peptides that diminish dark circles and puffiness.

Radién has a QXP™ formula for men too, because men’s skin ages and shows wrinkles just as much as a woman’s. However, men’s skin is thicker, so Radién formulated it to work with thicker skin. And men need to apply it only once a day. At night after showering works great, because that gives the QXP™ and peptides all night to repair aging damage.

They designed RadiénIx™ Skin Repair Cream for women who have undergone laser dermabrasion, facial peels and other treatments that irritate skin. It’s also good for speeding up the heeling process for any wounds you suffer, making it suitable for your First Aid kit.

Radién Continues to Study Skin Anti-Aging

Pilant has compiled a library of every peptide ever discovered. They continue to work with doctors and universities to study regeneration of collagen and tissues.

QXP™ begins to work on your skin right away, but don’t expect to see a difference overnight. It usually takes five days to notice that the length and depth of a wrinkle line has decreased. And the most dramatic results require about 9 weeks of continuous use.

Clinical Trials Back Up QXP

Zoe Dralos MD conducted a 6-week, double-blind study that demonstrated a statistically significant difference between skin treated withQXP™.

Join the 90 Day Challenge

Try out the Radién peptide formula for three months. We made it for 90 days because you won’t erase years of aging overnight. However, 90 weeks or so of continuous use brings dramatic improvement. Take a “before” picture. Apply it as directed to your face and any problem areas of your skin. Take pictures every 30 days and email them to Radién. Your fourth month is free.

We’re so confident you’ll love how you look by the end of the 90 days, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you’re ready to apply this anti-aging miracle to your skin, take us up on our 90 day challenge. Contact us today for more details.



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